Summer university brief.

Over the summer I have been set a summer brief that requirers me to produce a mock up of an editorial piece for a chosen magazine, newspaper, online publication ect. My piece will fall into the documentary niche as this is the area of photography that I want to brake into.

At the moment I am unsure of what I will be doing for this project but I am thinking about exploring the decline of religion and to display the level of neglect and disrespect that is now shown to some places of worship. I personally feel that these building should be treated in a similar way to castles where there is a trust in place that helps to educate future generations of the history of a place, or time in place.

I will need to first research the editorial market, into the different magazines and choose five that relate to my photographic interests. I will write a critique of the five magazines that I have chosen.

I will then choose one of these five magazines and shoot a fit for purpose piece that will include:

  • A cover – this must be an image that can be used with text and fits the format of the magazine I have chosen.
  • A lead image- this is the image that will lead into the article, often this is a double page landscape image with text to one of the sides.
  • Another two images that fit in sequence.

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