Potential Project Idea’s

Learning how famous photographers used lists to help them choose a subject for upcoming projects, and with this being a method I use myself I decided that I would post this for you all to read.
Examples of photographers who also use lists are:

Alec Soth
Alec Soth

Alec Soth says at the back of his book Niagara how he does not always link everything on his lists but they help him start a project.

Alec Soth has also used one of his lists as his business cards.
business card

Walker Evans
Walker Evans

Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus2

Tony Ray-Jones
Tony Ray-Jones

My List contains a few ideas that some may link in together but all of which I plan to make a projects around or involving:

* Religion- I’m fascinated by religion and how it brings people together I want to bring across the differences and similarities between different religions while photographing religious events.

* Designer Babies- I want to expand on one of my previous projects man vs machines and showcase other ways that technological and scientific advances have gone to far. I will be using a model of a foetus along with other props to display how we can now choose the gender, hair colour and eye colour our babies are born with.

* Genetically modified Foods- I want to expand on one of my previous projects man vs machines and showcase other ways that technological and scientific advances have gone to far. This will be majority aimed around man made meat.

* Herpetology- Herpetology is one of my main hobbies and having taken in rescue reptiles i’m familiar with the issues impacted through incorrect husbandry so I would like to compare the natural habitats with the captives habitats with different species of inverts, amphibians and reptiles.

* Pictorialism- I plan to recreate the look of painted art work using dark room and hands on techniques used by pictorialists.

* Youth Culture- Document young people at raves, festivals and general socialisation. Possibly going further and photographing the day to day lives of some of my models/subjects.

* Biographies of the ordinary- Everyone’s obsessed with celebrities, wags and fame but I find ordinary people fascinating and I know so many people who I admire and who I feel their lives recorded through photography would encourage people to open their eyes to the aspirational people around them.

* Poetry- I find poetry moving and inspirational and plan to recreate some poetry’s stories through photography.

* Cultural events/celebrations- As an extension to my traveling projects plans I also want to document events and celebrations across the world such as new years celebrations to show the difference in traditions.

* Fetishes and fantasy- I want to photography the secretive world of fetishes, from intimate parties, popular bondage clubs and exploring when sex becomes art through certain fetishes like Japanese bondage.

* Biblical occurrences- I want to visit some of the biblical occurrences that appear across the world and photograph them, most likely through film and dark room techniques. For example river running read, no life surrounding certain areas and all animals found dead and pelages I would like to document the natural causes of these also.

* Windows Reversed views- We are used to looking through windows to see the view outside but I would like to make a photographic series looking in through windows, of cars, trains and buildings.

* Castles- My dad used to write historical books on castles but sadly he passed away before publishing any, I promised myself after his passing that I would finish the books and have them published. However as you can tell I am not the best when it comes to writing so I would revisit all of the places he had written about and photograph the castles in relevance to his notes and essays.

* Travel- I’m a keen adventure and take any opportunity to see somewhere new I would love to photographs the places I go, how I travel there as well as the people I meet and things I do there. This would be broken into countries that I would continuously visit until I felt I had an archive of photographs to arrange into a project.

* Nature and environment- Photographic project to showcase natural elements and environmental landscapes. This would be broken into smaller subjects such as fungus or trees.

* Circus- I would love to photography life with a circus the behind the scenes of travelling circus’ and documents the highs and lows of the performers and crew. This could also be split into two parts one following the lives of an all human circus and one following a circus with animal acts. Another addition to this could be none traveling acts such as the town La Linda in China which the residents are all dwarf’s and they dress up are fairy tail creatures such as fairies and living in mushroom houses to encourage tourism and to make a living from.

* The Hebden Way- I grew up in a town called Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire it is like no other place I have ever seen it is a creative bubble filled with old school and more modern day hippies, poets, artists, eccentrics, friendly wacky individuals and beautiful scenery. I want to document this and preserve the way the town is. This could be broken into miniature projects that explore the individual lives of several residents, local independent businesses, the festivals and unusual events, community projects and cooperative businesses as well as the scenery surrounding the valley.

* My Blackpool- This would be a photographic project that explores the areas in Blackpool that I have found inspirational, or have impacted on my life since moving here. This would not be the typical photographs but more places I have worked, socialise, relax ect.


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