Over Due Update

Well I defiantly failed to keep my new years resolution this year, which was to post daily updates.

However, I have been a very busy bee. I have been teaching photography and interactive media at Bradford-WWI Film School http://www.bradfordfilmschool.co.uk/. Which has defiantly been exciting, challenging and kept me busy. I have worked alongside some brilliant and talented professionals including Binitesh Baruri.
I have also taken part in a 4 talent day hosting darkroom and food photography workshops http://4talent.channel4.com/4talent-days/videos?id=5USYtrMHrjI.
While teaching I was predominantly an Interactive Media Tutor but often had the opportunity to teach level three photography and also coved level two photography from time to time. My most memorable lesson was with level two photography students who were at the times working on location photography and spent the large part of their research section of the lesson trying to push the boundaries, so in order to refocus the group I arrange to go onto the Bradford College roof to take photographs for primary research and watching them engage with the lessons and work together was well worth the struggle at the start.
photo 1-2 photo 2

As well as teaching I  have also been studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Training which has been very intense and a fantastic experience where I have met some wonderful like minded individuals.

At the start of this year I decided to take a risk in pairing up with another local (To Hebden Bridge) photographer and set up a photography studio, Trick Of Light Studio’s. Unfortunately this was unsucessfull mainly do to having my time invested in teaching, this is a shame as the business never had chance to take off, but it was a learning curve that I felt I needed to undertake.

Finally I would like to introduce the newest addition to my family, Banquo a now 4 month old American Bull Mastiff cross Staffordshire Terrier. Photo’s from Greg at SilverPhoto but they are too cute to miss out.
Banquo has become a big source of inspiration so without doubt you will be seeing a lot more of him.
11407301_10204141514650286_442754313238238428_n 11430125_10204141515490307_3503833824596181735_n


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